Using Trezor Seed on Ledger a bad idea?

My Trezor has been a pain in the ass lately when it comes to defi protocols. I am thinking of moving to ledger but it is difficult to move everything as I have some tokens either locked up or staked.

Is it bad to use same seed on ledger. I don’t see any reason that would be a bad idea but I am always extremely paranoid when it comes to my seeds/wallets. Always better to be safe. Appreciate any insight.

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3 thoughts on “Using Trezor Seed on Ledger a bad idea?”

  1. No, it makes no difference. They’re both hardware wallets and so offer the same level of security. It’s basically the same as using the same seed on another Trezor to use as a backup.

    Just don’t put the seed on a software wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet.

    On that note, keep your old Trezor and stick it in a safe deposit box or something and keep it as a backup. No reason to throw away good hardware.

    Why don’t you like using Trezor for DeFi?

  2. The seed generates pairs of public and private keys for all blockchains. The way it is generated is a standard which Ledger and Trezor (and many others) complies.

  3. You can send locked and staked tokens just like any other. Find the contract address of that token via explorer, add to metamask, send.


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