Uroboros Multichain Wallet Announcement – Gasless Transactions and No-chains concept

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**”No-chains” concept**

You will receive a multichain wallet that looks like a single crypto storage that combines coins from all blockchains. No matter where your crypto is scattered, you will be able to manage a single amount of each specific asset as if you were transacting on only one blockchain.

For example, you have 500 USDT, which are stored in different ratios on 5 blockchains: BNB-chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum. In Uroboros Wallet — you will see them as one asset worth 500 USDT. And you can also transfer all 500 USDT not separately from each network, but with a single click.

**Gasless transactions**

The Uroboros wallet allows you to pay fees in any asset that is convenient for you, and can also work without buying any native token at all.

A simple real-life example: You want to transfer 100 USDT from your wallet to a BNB chain for a friend, but find out that you don’t have BNB to pay the fee. What are your next steps?

• Buy BNB on DEX/CEX and send it to your wallet to pay commission.

• Transfer from another BNB wallet to your current one by paying a fee.

In both options you are wasting your time and paying extra money. In Uroboros wallet you simply pay the fee in USDT or any other token.

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