Update on my last post: What to do with my ETH

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the community what to do with my ETH (and BTC):

Just thought I’d update everyone with what I did, and ask if there is anything new/cool to try!

So, I transferred my BTC from Nexo to tzBTC using Atomex, and then lent that tzBTC in Kord.fi I currently get ~5%, but that changes daily, it has been as high as ~40% since I did it.

My ETH I transferred from Nexo to Metamask, then transferred it all to Arbitrum. There I deposited it in AAVE, and borrowed USDT against it. With that USDT I bought GMX and GLP (50:50). At one point since, the GMX was up 30%, but it dropped the last day or so on the news of the exploit/bad trade. Still like this play though overall, and think GMX is cheap right now!

Anything else I should be doing? I hope to get involved on Uniswap at some point, maybe try and build up a stack of PLU (for the Plutus card).

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4 thoughts on “Update on my last post: What to do with my ETH”

  1. Rocketpool and stake it into rETH.

    This is the only plausible answer. I recommend you acquire some more ETH before you do so but if you want to stake and earn yield, swap your ETH for rETH.


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