Unpopular opinion: people in developed countries don’t care about DeFi being permissionless.

The next 100 million DeFi users are going to be onboarded by putting DeFi products on FinTech apps.

Why? Because permissionless on-ramps are not ready.

1. People in developed nations don’t need permissionless systems
2. Permissionless on-ramps are hard to use
3. Taxes, accounting, etc. are impossible to do permissionless-ly


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5 thoughts on “Unpopular opinion: people in developed countries don’t care about DeFi being permissionless.”

  1. I get the point about onramps, but I think it’s pretty crazy to extrapolate that to mean new entrants to crypto won’t need permissionless DeFi… are you advocating that they are better off using permissioned CeFi platforms? Might be worth asking how Celsius, Hodlnaut and BlockFi users feel about that opinion!

  2. You just gave pointers without actually backing it up with anything, nothing even anecdotal.

    I only skimmed but in your article

    >Many countries have a high degree of trust in their institutions

    What? Same thing, nothing to back it up. It’s contrary in reality.

  3. Tbh most care abojt fast, cheap, and easy until they find out GAFA knows them better than their friends and has all their info on a server…

    Same with DeFi most likely. People will flip their shit over and over with FTXs and Celsiuses until they realize permissionless is the way.

  4. Your points are quite heavy on the “I am just saying” instead of actually stating with facts or at least stats. Look around you [facts] the CeFi platforms are literally killing whatever confidence users had in them, the only CeFi platform holding on [stats] is Binance, if Binance fall, so does whatever hope Cefi had.

    Now, the only reason DeFi was preferred less to CeFi is due to its complex configuration and the technicalities involved when utilising it. But thanks to the ever advancing blockchain technology. More DeFi platforms are brewing that have managed to simplify their interface and interoperability mechanics to suit simple daily cryptocurrency users. A straight forward approach that does not need wrapping or bridging to trade or swap assets between multiple chains, Zetachain is one of such platforms. Don’t take my word for it, look it up [facts].


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