Unmarshal V2.0 — Rebranding to Dataverse with New Website

Dear MARSHians and fellow Developers,
The Unmarshal Network Team have been receiving feedback from our community regarding the lack of awareness of the products that we’ve built, future roadmap, partnerships we’ve forged, information about our advisors/backers and a lot more.

The older website, that was created at the very beginning of Unmarshal Network, merely demonstrates what Unmarshal has achieved and hopes to achieve in the near future. But we’re proud to have surpassed our original Roadmap and achieved more than anyone could’ve imagined.
As a project that listens to her community, we have taken your feedback into consideration and put a lot of thought into redesigning our website to give better visibility into everything Unmarshal has built and achieved so far along with the future milestones.

The new website gives visibility for 2022 and beyond…

What’s New and Fresh?
Over the past year, The Unmarshal Network has released new products and feature additions which include the NFT APIs, Notifications, XScan.io and many others that were overlooked all this while. They needed to be highlighted in a structured and organized manner.
It also became clear to us that Unmarshal had gained traction among a wide crypto audience, but they aren’t fully aware or understand how our suite of products actually works.
Whether you are a developer looking to use Unmarshal to query data, or an investor who wants to understand Unmarshal better, the new website gives a comprehensive view of the services we have to offer and the products that we’ve built.
After in-depth research of crypto users’ and developers’ pulse, a thorough emphasis on the User Experience and the general look and feel of the website has been given.

Fresh Changes
Code-Based illustrations
These have been included to show actual responses for API calls which makes it easy for developers to visualize the output for a given dataset. This way they get a better idea of what to expect while querying blockchain data from us. Below is a quick sneak peek:

Revised Documentation
Within the docs, and also throughout the website, we have made sure to clearly distinguish between the multiple APIs based on the particular use case that they cater to. Important quick links have been included, such as the console registration link, that will make the setup process smoother. Users can also check the response samples of APIs within the docs themselves.
Detailed video tutorials will follow, which will aid developers further.

What’s Under the Hood?
Viewers now get a closer look at what happens in the backend. A detailed graphic of our infrastructural setup and the many elements that make it up :-

Acknowledging our Backers and Partners
This was perhaps a major miss on our old website and we want to properly appreciate everyone who has supported and shown their faith in us throughout our journey so far. We have 50+ partnerships that were not visible before.

New Colour Scheme and Infographics
To enhance user experience, we have updated the color scheme and included more comprehensive infographics throughout the website.
Last but not least, perhaps the most requested feature and a must-have for any website — Dark Mode for light-sensitive users. 🙂

Not to forget, let’s keep our eyes out and fingers crossed as many things will be revealed on the website that will reflect all the great and audacious goals we’ve set for ourselves this year 2022.

About Unmarshal Network.
Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi Data Network that facilitates seamless access to data on blockchains for any kind of dApps, protocols, aggregators (basically any application that runs on top of blockchains). It’s a platform built by developers, for developers to access the rich, decoded and indexed on-chain data with a single line of code from any blockchain.
It is an advanced solution that aims at transforming raw and unstructured blockchain data into meaningful form to ease the integration of real-time blockchain data into decentralized applications, thus unmarshalling the potential of DApps.

You can read more about this development through the [Medium ]( link.

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