Unlock the potential of Privacy

There is an upcoming hackathon, meant for all the developers that want to bring some privacy into the space. Privacy4Web3 Hackathon from Oasis Network, aims to help builders experiment the Oasis Privacy Layer, either by developing a completely new dApp, privacy enabled, or, even more, to easily add their privacy features, for an improved user experience.

The OPL has a wide applicability, given the fact that not only new dApps can benefit from it, but it can also be added to existing ones, boosting and improving the privacy, along with the user experience.

In terms of possibilities of exploring and showcasing your skills, the Oasis Privacy Layer can be used for Governance, SBT’s, Gaming and even NFTs.

For those of you interested, [here]( you can check all the details of the hackathon, that will take place from March until April.

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