Uniswap conundrum? APY/TVL etc

I see coindix list USDC/UST APY of over 45% atm but only a TVL locked of over 2 million? And now it shows a “new” pool with same pairs at over 50% with just over 1 million locked. Def Lab, shows TVL of over 24 million?

I guess my point is who is using uniswap and why aren’t more people using it for yield? Which numbers do you “trust”? Uniswap as a great safety score but with all this I rarely see anyone recommending it?

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1 thought on “Uniswap conundrum? APY/TVL etc”

  1. i stopped using uniswap after learning that BitDAO surpassed it and became the world’s largest crypto treasury, and also after finding out that uniswap’s treasury is 99% $UNI which is risky AF


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