Unique Network is listing the Quartz token today at MEXC’s Kickstarter Campaign.

By using the Kickstarter listing campaign, users at MEXC can stake MX tokens to get QTZ on the launch – although KYC won’t be needed in the beginning to participate, you’ll need it later when receiving your QTZ rewards – with no vesting, no staking fees and QTZ will be delivered on the users’ wallets before the actual listing.

Some extra rewards will also be awarded to everyone who voted on QTZ which – as someone who is using MEXC for the first time – will definitely bring me back in the future for more listings. Meanwhile I’ll keep using the platform and be ready for when Quartz staking becomes available.

For those new to Quartz, they won the 14th auction on Kusama to be a parachain, when, back in November, over 54k KSM were commited ( over $21m USD ). QUARTZ is a new user-friendly platform for you to test extreme innovation in NFTs and build for the next generation. Built on Substrate, Quartz gives you the most versatile options for discovery and democratization of the NFT ecosystem and marketplaces (with very low barriers for entry).

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15 thoughts on “Unique Network is listing the Quartz token today at MEXC’s Kickstarter Campaign.”

  1. I’m no stranger to Quartz, I believe their idea with nested NFTs is brilliant, QTZ tokens are definitely a long time hold for me. The whole Unique Network community has been waiting to see a listing happen, I’m glad they’re listening now.

  2. I’m glad that I’ve got into! Just after a few minutes of listing I’ve got QTZ for $0,04. Now they are all staked on MEXC Global and I’m not selling anytime soon. Quartz is built on Substrate, a superior blockchain and very important for NFT’s growth.

  3. Unique Network have been doing a few interesting promotions/airdrops lately! Check theirs Twitter and TG if you are looking for contests and airdrops with QTZ rewards!

    I already bagged 200QTZ on TG AMA

  4. That’s cool. I’ve been following Unique for quite a while and this was a quite anticipated moment and I’m one of those who supported the parachain auction.

  5. I used the chance to buy more and I am participating in DeFi mining. It lasts for 3 days and it will get me some more QTZ as a reward. It’s my long-term HODL anyway. Anything related to Unique Network is potentially golden.


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