Underrated crypto projects?

Hey guys. I’m always on the lookout for new crypto projects that have a lot of potential, but are not very hyped or mainstream. But I have a feeling that a lot are just hype or shit coins.

Hopefully I won’t get shilled here (but I can spot a shill where it’s at), But what are some of the underrated crypto projects that you think deserve more attention and recognition today?

Maybe it could be because the idea of the project is good, it has a great team that’s backing up the projects, maybe the community overall is great, and other more stuff. Use cases maybe?

Wanted to hear what you guys have to say on the crypto projects you have in mind, and why you think they are worth checking out.

I’ll start with mine, which is Monero and Cardano.

I think these two projects are underrated because it involves anonymity and privacy and I like my privacy where it’s at. Even the transactions are also private which I think what crypto should be.

Also, unrelated but I’m also a huge fan/user of TOR (The Onion Router) and I also love privacy based apps like Signal, and Librewolf (I know these are not crypto but it’s privacy related still).

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44 thoughts on “Underrated crypto projects?”

  1. Cardano and Monero aren’t underrated IMO, they both have strong community with big mcap.

    NXRA on the other hand is underrated with strong fundamentals and an active community.

  2. >Monero and Cardano

    I don’t know if you forgot to put an /s.

    Anyway, AI may have trended but not many of the top projects were really explored as people were just interested in gains. Ocean Protocol, for example, is a project that by design will have a huge stake in the movement if AI succeeds in crypto. This is because of its data marketplace which so far has been working 100% as intended and was even forked by Mercedes last year.

  3. VELA and SYLO.

    Vela is a PerpDex protocol on arbitrum with less than $50million market cap which is why I think it’s underrated because it’s actually got great utility in place

    Sylo on the other hand is like a sleeping giant that’s going to wake up and cause terror at some point, an important aspect of the entire futuverse ecosystem which I’m really bullish on.

  4. The idea of the blockchain OS is very unique to me. With a Linux runtime, mainstream developers can build scalable DApps in web3, using the stacks & libraries they’re used to.

    Spend some time to research CTSI.

  5. BCH will be competing with Cardano in UTXO DeFi arena!

    Wit 2022 and May 2023 upgrade activation, Bitcoin Cash will be ready to build DeFi on Bitcoin-tech UTXO chain. We already have introspection opcodes which enabled covenants which made DeFi derivatives possible, the product entered public beta few months ago, got to about $800k TVL: https://defillama.com/protocol/anyhedge-v0.11

    May 2023 upgrade is locked in, it will activate native token tech, then we can build more stuff, like tokenize those derivatives contracts have them trade on DEXes.

    BCH also has CashFusion privacy tech. It’s not as good as Monero’s but it’s good enough for many cases and you don’t have to switch chains to wipe your trail.

  6. In addition to Monero and Cardano, the [Oasis Network](https://oasisprotocol.org/blog) is also worth checking out as a privacy-focused blockchain platform. It provides powerful tools for protecting sensitive data and enabling secure, privacy-preserving applications, making it an ideal choice for developers and users who value privacy and security.

  7. I enjoy Changex, they use SEPA, so this means I can get my salary there, which is more than amazing knowing it’s a crypto. They have their token which I stake. Personally I like it a lot, and I think they have a good future. Strongly recommend 🙂

  8. I like some features of Monero like its supply growth, efficiency, and constant updates. I’m not familiar with Cardano, but it seems that Hydra and Oracles can push this one up. As for me, I’d go for Dafi protocol which is working on a new hybrid exchange and Aave that may grow consistently in its network adoption.

  9. There’s AI, L2s, LSDs, Metaverse, NFTs… all trending!

    What about oracles – the lifeblood of DeFi? A whole niche with great projects behing Chainlink, such as DIA and BAND!

    There’s also the Internet of Things with the good old IOTA and the silent riser IOTEX!

  10. Aside from the Moreno project you mentioned which I also believe is undervalued, I feel Layer 2 trend is also underrated and CTSI is vastly undervalued in comparison to the benefits it provides in that sector. It can be used as a sovereign rollup, a layer 2 network on top of Ethereum, or a layer 3 network on top of Optimism, Arbitrum, zkEVM chains, etc. It frees up new possibilities for creating blockchain applications that are both creative and resource-intensive to run.

  11. I would focus on the next big trends going forward, this would help you find some underrated gems because they have yet to reach their full potential… Interoperability, DEX, web3, AI, gaming, IoT etc… One I’m really excited about is Chainge Finance, best cross-chain DEX with the most aggregated liquidity in crypto and more DeFi tools / earning..

  12. Klaytn, it’s absolutely massive in South Korea where the project originated from but it is little-known outside of Asia. The biggest thing I like about Klaytn is the crazy low latency – there’s no waiting for transactions to finalize at all, which is why many Web2 mobile gaming companies like Netmarble chose Klaytn to jump into Web3.


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