Undergraduate Dissertation topic ideas!

Hi! I’m a final year undergraduate looking to do a project on DeFi.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a topic area to research/ research question to investigate and answer?
At the moment I’m thinking – “Assessing the impacts of DeFi on personal finance management”.
I also like the idea of doing something on Risk management. But there’s loads to talk about with DeFi. What do you think would be an interesting topic to go for?

Any suggestions would be great!

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2 thoughts on “Undergraduate Dissertation topic ideas!”

  1. Comparative analysis of regulatory regimes around the world and how defi can or cannot be compatible with current banking/investment regulations.

    You’ll find most people aren’t actually using defi to change the way they bank quite yet. Even fully “on chain” finances are tied to CEX debit cards and the like.

    Stick to something more regulatory and try to figure out what standards the defi space needs to adapt internally in order to square up the freedom of defi with the pretty large body of anti-money-laundering and KYC rules in place within the trad banking space.


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