Trying to find Stablecoin farms that reward non farm tokens

Ive been looking for Farms that are stablecoins and the rewards are either stable coins or native blockchain token. There used to be a farm on pangolin that was ust-usdc that gave avax for example or on curve ftm you could do dai/usdc for some wftm. I cant seem to find any of these anyone know where there are some now? Also are there any farm tokens that wont go to zero? i wouldnt mind holding crv for a while for example.

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3 thoughts on “Trying to find Stablecoin farms that reward non farm tokens”

  1. You want to use an autocompounder that will automatically sell those farm tokens for the tokens that you’re providing liquidity in, and then compound them back into your LP position.

    Beefy is a good option and works across a ton of chains, but you can use Defi llama to find others depending on what assets/chains you’re interested in.


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