TrueUSD has launched TCHN in collab with TRON

**TrueUSD** has launched a new stablecoin **TCHN** in collaboration with **TRON DAO** \- the token is pegged 1:1 to offshore Chinese yuan.

Long-term r/getblockio partner TRON is a fast-growing public blockchain of Chinese origin, where users can obtain and trade TCHN.

Issued by TrueUSD, TCNH is a sister product of TUSD – listed on 100+ platforms. TCHN is believed to enable more options for digitizing fiat currencies. 

Offshore Chinese yuan is not subject to China financial regulations, therefore it can be more appealing when using foreign exchanges or other international financial platforms.

Justin Suntron states: “I believe that TCNH is a model for compliant and robust offshore stablecoins”.

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