Transaction stuck on MM even after custom nonce

I went to approve usdc on trader joe to swap. i already approved usdc the other day so when i did it this time i made the custom spend limit the “default” which is a big number. the transaction was pending for 9 hours. i did the thing where u do another transaction and put the same nonce and raise the gas, this also did not work. so i went to []( and tried revoking the contract, that didnt work. now it says i have 3 pending transactions.
0x0B47f03c06cF26dE2473324cdAba79223Bf9a971 is my wallet
anyone know what to do? i set the gwei to 1000 (still a small amount of avax) im totally confused and also cant finish my trade lol

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2 thoughts on “Transaction stuck on MM even after custom nonce”

  1. What wallet do you use? If you use Metamask you firs need to reset your account to “unstick stuck tx”. Go to settings -> Reset Account and then retry your tx.


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