Trading psychology – is it actually good to ‘feel’?

Just thinking that one of the main barriers to successful trading is of course psychology, and getting carried away etc.

The remedy to this is meant to be removing psychology from trading decisions, and I’ve always agreed with that.

But actually is it better to include psychology, or an awareness of pschology, eg:

1. Plan trade and exit strategy
2. Place trade
3. Experience the market as it happens ie be aware of your own psychology as the trade goes good or bad
4. Use this awareness to understand that other market participants may be feeling same thing, ie use understanding of psychology to better time exit

Interested to know what everyone thinks, or is all that just obvious anyway?

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3 thoughts on “Trading psychology – is it actually good to ‘feel’?”

  1. read some books on trading (wyckoff, anna coulling, vsa), otherwise it is just guess/luck casino (ain’t getting too far).

  2. There’s a reason every large financial corporation removed human trading and turned to AI years ago (yes, AI has existed since the 80-90s and has been used heavily in finance as hardware got better and cheaper in the 2000-2010ss)


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