TradeFi and LP

I honestly believe in LP. I think it’s a great way to provide liquidity on illiquid assets. I came from finance background and worked in second market (yes Barry’s second market). Now in tech.

I’m having trouble understanding why not move more illiquid assets to LP. When I was in second market, these spreads were huge (but it was also during 2008 crisis).

I wonder why Barry doesn’t start a second market using DeFi. What am I missing that could be a drawback to using LP within tradFi?
(I also know banks are involved in defi, on permissioned side of things)

Edit: title should be TradFi, traditional finance.

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  1. The problem with LP is the IL that comes with it but with new AMMs like the one on the Alliance Block DEX, one can be rest assured IL is a thing of the past.


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