Top DeFi Protocols on Avalanche

For the ones interested in learning about the biggest DeFi protocols on Avalanche, check out my article below. For the ones not so familiar with the network the key protocols here are:

\- Trader Joe is the main DEX on the network (like Uniswap)

\- Platypus Finance and Curve Finance are the two main Stableswaps.

\- Stargate is a relatively new protocol (deployed last month) that is a type of Bridge.


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4 thoughts on “Top DeFi Protocols on Avalanche”

  1. Yeti Finance that just launched is quite interesting. You can deposit your LP tokens from those places and borrow against them while still keeping your rewards. Already over $600 million TVL in a couple days.

  2. I have used beefy, curve and aave from the list but kalmar, my favourite isn’t there yet… maybe soon it will… I believe it’s Bonds will be a little revolution on the defi space to reduce the selling pressure we have been seeing across the board starting with the giant uniswap….


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