Ton Coin staking

Anyone interested in Ton coin staking? I know how difficult is it to provide 10001 Ton before you can stake TON. I found an alternative on Polygon through meshswap. swap Matic to oTON on meshswap then Lend oTON  on meshswap for 21%APR but rewards are MESH token+Ton
Use Metamask wallet or any other Wallet.
Here is the staking site:

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3 thoughts on “Ton Coin staking”

  1. I’ll do you one better. Take your oTon, find the wMatic/oTon pool, open a 3.0x leverage position borrowing 75% wMatic and 25% oTon and voilà, you’ll have an 80% APR position with a 1x overall exposure to oTon’s price fluctuation. Watch that debt ratio and enjoy

  2. Not bad, TON has been one of the top trending decentralized social apps recently, the staking option is good news for users holding small bags and want to earn yield. I’ve got high hopes that it’s going to be one of the top social DeFi projects alongside Sylo.


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