Tokenomics Financial Modeling

Hey guys,

I have been working on a multi-chain lending platform and want to tokenize it with governance tokens eventually. I was wondering if you guys have any resources that I can check out regarding how to model tokenomics, any samples of financial models, etc.

The goal of this platform is to adapt according to the interest rates in the TradFi world and accommodate borrowers with stablecoins only.

Anything that can be useful.

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5 thoughts on “Tokenomics Financial Modeling”

  1. Based on my experience, I would say that you need to make sure that your token is more than just a reward for farming/staking. All that does is increase sell pressure, when what you really want is to offer a token that people have a reason to buy. You can do this by giving it utility within your platform, whether that’s something like getting better supply/borrow rates, or giving access to extra features.

  2. It is hard to give advises for a project based on a few words but I definitely can give you a few thing to start with.

    1. Pay attention to the holding ratio between the community and the team+early investors – make sure the community have more than 60-70% of the tokens at any given time.

    When you launch you can monitor it through vesting and emission.

    Make sure the reward system and the emission allocation do not interfere this ratio.

    Keeping this ratio is extremely important if you really want this token to be governed by the community.

    2. DO NOT sell big tickets to random investors. From my experience it is always ends bad. No material how rich and diamond hands you think they are, they will dump it.

    3.long clif and super long vesting for the team. It’s obvious.

  3. Cross-chain lending sounds awesome, but will almost guarantee vulnerability, as it will need to rely on oracles which have repeatedly been a point of failure.

    If you really just wanna get messy with tokenomics though, you’re looking for TEC, or Token Engineering Commons. They’re a group of academics who basically don’t do anything but tokenomics.


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