There’s a fine line between projects with actual utilities and projects that mainly rely on hypes

It’s humanly impossible to keep up with every crypto project launching this year, or even researching them to see which ones are introducing something new to the market.

And of course differentiating between hype projects that are heavily marketed on social media, but if you dig deep you’ll find that they don’t have any long term utilities.

An efficient way to save time and money when deciding which project to invest in are launchpads, since they’re basically giving you the advantage of being early on an emerging project, and will screen and examine every project for you.

We’re now witnessing the rise of decentralized and DAO based launchpads like SolanaPrime, meaning that community members are involved in the decision making of where their funds will be invested.

After suffering from 2 rug pulls in the past year, I advise every investor to not blindly trust emerging projects, especially projects that are being marketed by celebrities and influencers.

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2 thoughts on “There’s a fine line between projects with actual utilities and projects that mainly rely on hypes”

  1. I agree. Was also a victim of hype last year. Fomoed in on $POLP and the price went downtrend till I escaped a little part of my portfolio. Ever since then, I’ve always researched it myself nd even still, I never buy during bullish periods. For now, only HyperdexFinance has gained my trust. Still doing more research though, don’t wanna fall victim again. If you would, do lemme know what you think about them as well.

  2. Rug pull almost sent me back to zero if I didn’t find protocol like DVDX that’s saved my ass and still doing pretty well for me with their unlimited liquidity and zero spillage available on their platform it user’s. That’s why truly it go to always dyor before ape in a gem don’t just chase it because of some hype.


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