There’s a been A LOT of DeFi development and support recently. Is this a reaction to popular CeFi platforms blocking withdrawals and going bankrupt?

Open the charts and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Many DAOs and decentralized platforms overall have seen some pretty decent gains this month.

# – Curve DAO up by 103%

# – AAVE up by 57%

# – BitDAO up by 51%

# – Uniswap up by 75%


And these are just the big names in the DeFi and DAO communities. Many other DeFi based projects with smaller market caps have experienced even higher growth.

And it’s not just about growth in price. I’m also talking about ecosystem growth and growth in development overall. A lot of DeFi based projects have seen a ton of new developments in their ecosystems and networks.

From the ones I just mentioned Curve added more liquidity to their pools. AAVE is working on launching its own stablecoin. And Bitdao will soon be launching a well awaited L1 that apparently has a lot of support from the community.

I won’t even get into TVL cause that would need an entirely dedicated post but TVL has also been bullish with all of these projects.

I’m very excited to see this happen cause we haven’t been getting exciting DeFi news/performance for the longest now.

I’m not really sure what’s exactly behind all this recent flurry of activity but my personal belief is that its a reaction to major CeFi platforms like Celsius and Bancor giving people cold feet.
What do you think it is exactly?

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11 thoughts on “There’s a been A LOT of DeFi development and support recently. Is this a reaction to popular CeFi platforms blocking withdrawals and going bankrupt?”

  1. My thoughts are CeFi blowing up as well as traditional finance not doing anyone any favours.

    Apart from CeFi being exposed, DeFi is filling the needs of the new generation who don’t trust the incumbents and traditional models.

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  3. Y’all notice how he just casually tossed in some horseshit called Bitdao with 3 defi bluechips and then didn’t mention it again, right? That’s what this fuckwad is selling and it’s a rug

  4. I honestly think that the illiquidity of the CeFi platforms caused a lot of unsecurity in the space. I’m one of those who will resort more to decentralized platforms, so I use Aave and Dafi.

    If we talk about DAO, I was most impressed by the DIA DAO work program, because there we can earn, it’s a good boost for the community.

  5. I run a small project on Avalanche^ and there is definitely a lot of development going on around me. People always say build during the bear and market during the bull, it is good advice. I think we’re seeing so much more building because the last cycle was really just the start for DeFi/GameFi, there’s much more to be built!

  6. DeFi will only grow, I like Curve, recently got some more CRV, ETH which gone to join staking.. Also got NFTs from angelblock, i like the fundraising part,whitepaper mad i tell u… and imposters NFT, well i think they will just grow also..Curve is pretty solid pick if u ask me in the DeFi sector but do not ignore the hype of NFTs i tell u, and utility like staking full ip ownership and much more


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