The mistery of the impossible wallet🎃

Hi all friends from reddit, today I will tell you the mystery of the impossible wallet. A legend tells that this wallet was created by a man who wanted to buy a simple pizza with his BTC back in 2010, once he bought the bitcoins, the man completely disappeared without ever having bought it. Even today, no one knows where this man is, however, his seed phrase and password have been found but no one has yet managed to synchronize so many blocks with their PC to the point of being able to recover the bitcoins on the wallet. The credentials accessible by anyone are the following:
Seed: draw before gold ancient fancy mule accident fortune flower service option pyramid flock sure cricket stage bitter tumble
Password: BIT913krtidalim54
The person who manages to synchronize the entire blockchain (even if almost impossible) will be able to take a lot of bitcoins. This is the legend of the impossible wallet, good luck.🎃

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