The Impact of USDC De-peg on Pools


I recently created a dashboard to analyze the effects of the USDC depegging event on March 11th on various pools, including FRAX/USDC, 3Pool, FRAX/3Pool, MIM/3Pool, and sUSD/3Pool. I thought it would be interesting to share the results with you all and provide some insights into how the event has shaped the DeFi landscape. Check out the dashboard here: [

**Key Findings:**

1. The USDC depegging event led to an initial mass swap and changes in liquidity across the analyzed pools. This exposed the risks associated with different stablecoins, prompting users to adjust their strategies accordingly.
2. In the months since the event, the pools have experienced lasting effects, with varying degrees of recovery in their token ratios, swap volume, and user activity. Some pools have fared better than others, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the DeFi ecosystem.
3. Monitoring trends and liquidity changes across multiple pools is crucial for understanding the DeFi landscape and making informed, data-driven decisions. The dashboard, created with the help of \[TOOL/RESOURCE\], offers valuable insights into this dynamic market.

**Discussion Points:**

* How do you think the USDC depegging event has shaped the DeFi space in the long term?
* Are there any other pools or platforms you think were significantly affected by the event?
* How can we better prepare for such events and mitigate risks associated with stablecoins?

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, and let’s have an insightful discussion!

Don’t forget to check out the dashboard: [

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2 thoughts on “The Impact of USDC De-peg on Pools”

  1. The USDC depeg was a good reminder for DeFi not to get complacent. Noticed Frax just put out a new base pool with USDP. Also have Nuon and the new RAI fork on optimism. Anti fragile systems for the win


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