The GameFi industry is going up!

As the GameFi and BNPL platforms have grown in popularity, a slew of new applications have emerged to suit the growing demand of not only the cryptocurrency community, but also developers and investors. Axie Infinity and Sandbox, for example, have recently grown in popularity, achieving major milestones and causing havoc in the P2E market.

Both companies have chosen to work together to create a hybrid NFT marketplace and a play-to-earn mobile game payment gateway where players can earn BNPL. Users will be able to access gameFi DeFi markets as well as NFT-backed money through the cooperation without having to pay straight away. The MetaRun intends to lower entry barriers and make crypto and NFTs more accessible to investors and newcomers.

MetaRun will have to team up with certain blockchain BNPL providers in this instance. Atpay is proud to announce their strategic cooperation with MetaRun as the first ever BNPL GameFi gateway.

This will have a huge impact on the GameFi industry, and it’s evident. What are your opinions on the subject?

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3 thoughts on “The GameFi industry is going up!”

  1. The rate at which Gamefi, NFTs and metaverse is growing is really good to see and at this pace, it could be here permanently. I have also encountered some nice ones like btay that chose to be a master of everything NFT and metaverse related but they are really cool by the way. I just want to see this space growing more and more

  2. I can’t help but notice how much the industry has grown! I love every single thing that’s coming in. Also these partners like Atpay are making everything so much easier. Good job!


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