The first confidential smart contract on the EVM debuting soon.

Thought you guys might be interested in the debut of this, as it features what the title above stated. I understand that there are other chains that have built confidential smart contracts, but not in the EVM environment, and I think this worth a look, especially with the recent debacle of tornado cash.

A quick explanation: It’s a ParaTime from Oasis Network called Sapphire. To those unfamiliar with the term, a ParaTime is its own computing environment that acts like a rollup, thus the network is split in to the barebones layer 1 called the consensus, and the layer 2 called the ParaTimes.

The debut will be a zoom event, featuring the senior engineers to through it and show how it works. Here’s the link;

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5 thoughts on “The first confidential smart contract on the EVM debuting soon.”

  1. I’m finding very little information on how this thing operates, and as the simplest solution is usually the first place to look; is this thing just a centralized webserver somewhere that executes EVM off chain?

    In which case what guarantees do we have the code is executed favorably to the user, cause if remove MEV, ie: middle-man MEV– well that’s your revenue now.

  2. I just do not understand what exactly this means and how it works. What the advantages of this?
    If we take the fastest EMV blockchain – Velas, it’s already based on high-performance protocol, which implements an innovative time architecture, transaction processing mechanism, and more efficient consensus model compared to other blockchains.
    And what this confidential smart contract offers?

  3. What does a confidential smart contract mean? As in, the smart contract code is hidden or otherwise obfuscated? What advantages does that provide? I thought permissionless, open-sourced and transparent interactions was the whole point of a blockchain.

  4. How is Sapphire applicable for web 3?Which area do you think it will have most useful application?

    I know a lot of DApps can be built on it, but which do you think will have a more practical applications for web 3?


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