The DeFi industry is monopolised?

A while ago I discovered a performance tracker for my portfolio that gives me the possibility to see my PnL in dollars, as well as historical data, rewards, trades, debts, etc.

Since then I have fallen in love with analysing my data in this way. I have made other posts asking about portfolio performance tracker options, but it seems that everyone uses the same ones, which offer very limited solutions (net worth, transactions etc.)

**This also makes me wonder, is the DeFi industry starting to monopolise?**

**Why isn’t anyone innovating in the industry?**

**Are we limited to what the industry leaders offer us?**

DeBank, Zerion, Zapper, etc.

Moreover, their paid solutions are not worth it (for my needs).

I sometimes feel that I have more control over my Fiat investments and resources.

By the way, I currently use for tracking: [

Personally, I find it very good and robust, plus it’s free. I think they are currently working on a paid version, but for now, the free version is more functional than some of the more popular paid options.

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4 thoughts on “The DeFi industry is monopolised?”

  1. The industry only **appears** monopolized because it’s too new to have many protocols for each specific sector. You mentioned wallet/portfolio trackers. These have no moat. They’re just first movers. I compare this era to the dial up era of the internet. New protocols will come in the next few years that will make you wonder why you ever used anything before. It’s a brand new industry, only really having been around since mid 2019. Give it time


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