The Curve Wars and 4Pool Drama (Part 1)

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is full of fascinating stories. The one told here is a retrospective on the 4Pool, based on news that Frax’s Basepool on Curve [flippened the 3Pool’s liquidity]( in early September.

Like a soap opera, the story seems never-ending, as the 3Pool recently re-flippened Frax’s Basepool thanks to a [$116 million deposit]( from the Wintermute hacker, who is now the [3rd largest]( holder of 3CRV. Certain elements of this story also have some soap-operatic themes:

* The events take place during a war (on Curve).
* A death threat or two make an appearance.
* Interpol is chasing one of the main characters at the time of writing….

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