The best DeFI portfolio tracker?

I have been looking for a long time for a portfolio tracker, but I haven’t found one that meets all my expectations.

I am currently using this one


and I must say that it is the closest to what I need, but do you know of any other options?

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6 thoughts on “The best DeFI portfolio tracker?”

  1. Use the zapper app. All you need to do is connect meta mask account and you can view all assets, transactions activity, and see which smart contracts you are locked into.

    There is no “prefect” way I have found to track DeFi. But zapper is the best for snap shot look

  2. Rotki, fully open source, runs locally so you’re not sharing your financial data with a random website, free version is good enough for the vast majority of users but there’s a paid option if you want to support the developers and unlock features like maintaining your MakerDAO vaults and more advanced analytics.

  3. is the best. I tried and but none of them was able to give me better tracking like does.

  4. Hands down, DeBank for now. It can track the most number of Tokens and Protocols. Also gives you your current net worth per protocol.

    Zapper and Zerion are close, but have only the top 80% of protocols and tokens identified.


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