The bear market has been absolutely brutal but there are DeFi ecosystems that continue to build and projects that have remained rock solid and despite the market conditions.

I think this is what one needs to look out for when deciding what DeFi to invest in and use. Especially for longer-term gains. The bear market is honestly a blessing in disguise and I’ll tell you why. When the tide is low, what is beneath the surface comes to light. DeFi that wasn’t built for sustainability will crumble under the pressure. We’re seeing it happen with a massive amounts of projects.

Why do we see ecosystems like Polygon and Ethereum continue to grow and expand despite market conditions? Why are DeFi projects offering sustainable yields while other have gotten absolutely wrecked? Fundamentals. I’m watching the space carefully and I think you should too, there’s still money to be made despite market conditions. The projects that are not only surviving the bear market but thriving in it are the projects are going to be crushing it during the bullrun.

Obviously at the end of the day no one knows what’s going to happen. I don’t want to drop any project names but I will urge you to look into DeFi on the Polygon ecosystem. The numbers will bring you to the conclusion that they are outperforming every other network in terms of DeFi usage.

With all this being said, I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, I’ve been investing in a few DeFi projects that have been crushing it during the bear market and I urge you to do the same. Obviously this isn’t financial advice and I urge you to do your own research.

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11 thoughts on “The bear market has been absolutely brutal but there are DeFi ecosystems that continue to build and projects that have remained rock solid and despite the market conditions.”

  1. There are a lot of talks around fundamentals and how they matter in the bear market. The truth is that many people don’t even realize what “fundamental” actually is. With no bias, I consider Railgun to be a good representation of a project with solid fundamentals. Solves a problem in privacy/security on DeFi, not crashing down with the market, launching its product while many other projects are postponing theirs. I believe these are among the indicators to watch out for when assessing projects with high likelihood for success and emergence out of the bear market.

  2. Solid projects tend to build irrespective of the market. For instance OCEAN, this month alone they released OceanONDA V4 with data NFTs, single asset staking, community monetization and Data Farming which is the first of its kind.

  3. DefiKingdoms just keeps building, recently released their NFT pets to complement your NFT heroes, and less than a week ago released the Beta version of DFK Duel, where you put your heroes against others.

    DFK still leading the pack

  4. Did you say Ethereum and Bitcoin are holding through the drop? man, I don’t think that’s the same thing with what my charts tell me.
    Only thing that made my earnings a little better this time is cause I staked my stable coins on Spool. Serves as a middleware but gives calculated risk and helps to diversify on where I stake instead of going through all the stress.

  5. Personally I believe that not all projects will make it out of the bear market, only those that has got what it takes will make it through.

    I’m putting my money on DeFi ecosystems like Spoolfi and Beefy which has however continued to yield returns for me and I’m also betting on CryptoXpress which is one project that’s doing real stuff.

  6. That’s a good way to think but at the same time, it is important to keep in mind what direction DeFi is turning towards. According to the general remarks I’ve been following so far, security, usability and self regulation are among the most pertinent improvement gaps needed for the defi space to be widely adopted. This is one of the reasons why I consider it smart for investors to pay closer attention to privacy protocols in DeFi, especially top performing ones with a smart contract protocol. In the next trend of things, they’ll likely be among the biggest ones.

  7. I am a witness to the progress Polygon is making right now. They partnered with CryptoXpress metaverse banking and the project is doing good. They also power the app’s marketplace to offer cross-chain NFTs.


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