The Atbash Protocol White Paper | June 2022

The Atbash Protocol mirrors the system introduced by Olympus DAO. However, Atbash focuses on supply growth, rather than price appreciation. $BASH serves as both the stable currency and governance token. In all, Atbash outperforms native free floating reserve currencies because the protocol manages and owns the treasury, liquidity, bonding mechanisms, and staking rewards that facilitate steady supply growth.

There have been multiple projects which have been based on the system created by Olympus DAO. While these protocols originally met with overwhelming success, they each suffered catastrophic crashes outweighing their respective rises. Olympus, its forks, and even its largest fork, Wonderland, saw over $4 billion dollars in various assets accumulated by their treasuries, yet these projects have endured massive crashes in underlying token value.

The Atbash Protocol will become what those other projects have failed to become, which is a decentralized cryptocurrency, not based on a Ponzi structure, that fulfills the promises of Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) and minimizes the need for the constant addition of new capital

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📌 What are the advantages of buying $BASH?

1. Staking – The primary value accrual strategy which allows holders to stake $BASH tokens to earn rebase rewards from bond sales.
2. Bonding – The secondary value accrual strategy which allows ATBASH to acquire its own liquidity. The treasury acquires reserve assets by selling $BASH at a discounted price.
3. Protocol Owned Treasury and Liquidity – Hedge against volatility and market crashes

📌ATBASH TREASURY + Community – Nucleus of ATBASH PROTOCOL The backing the treasury creates for $BASH token does not require the incessant need of new capital. The treasury will offer the same services as traditional banks by replacing the traditional mortgage, business financing, educational funding, and much more. Includes ATBASH’s HOUSING BONDS! These exist to help secure financing on real property without ever having to step a foot in the bank.

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