Terra Luna is another great DeFi ecosystem for anyone to explore

Another great ecosystem to explore is #Terra (Luna).
\- Terra is currently the second largest #DeFi ecosystem, just behind Ethereum.
\- Terra’s UST has recently surpassed Binance’s BUSD in Market Capitalization making it the third largest Stablecoin.
\- Terra is also making strategic collaborations with other networks such as Polkadot’s #Acala and #Avalanche in order to make UST the number 1 stablecoin as well as expand to #GameFi

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5 thoughts on “Terra Luna is another great DeFi ecosystem for anyone to explore”

  1. Yes Terra Luna is awesome. But the adaption must be pushed, as 20% yield wont last forever. Would like to see incentives From Terra on Luna and UST pools on Juno Network and Cosmos.

  2. > just behind Ethereum.

    The word *’just’* is doing a lot of work there…

    * ~ 1/20 the number of dApps

    * ~ 1/4 the TVL locked onchain (half of which is in a single protocal)

    * ~ 1/20 volume moved of assets daily

  3. Is there really a big DEFI economy behind Luna as there is for the other Layer 1 chains? Seems like the whole ecosystem there revolves around Anchor and its great yield.

  4. Nice project anyways how about a cultural community that taps into defi?¬† Cultural Places, in my opinion, have a concept that is rather unique mostly in space. It basically supports artists and cultural projects in their fund-raising. You’ll get access to their community, marketplace, staking pools, and crowdfunding campaigns as a shareholder, and you’ll be rewarded for it. DYOR since they have a whitelisting ongoing.


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