Guys I’ve just come across swapnex over the last week and I’ve kicked it off. Seems like a fantastic opportunity. It’s basically arbitrage bots. For those that don’t know, cryptocurrency exchanges have different prices for each coin. This boy buys low on one exchange and sells higher on another.
There are limits on the auto bots based on money put into it but it basically makes approx 0.5-0.7% per trade and I have $2k in currently making 5 trades a day for approx $60-90 a day. The catch is my initial investment is locked for 120 days but I can instantly get my returns every day. Not only that but you aren’t paid in a crap useless token. You can use stablecoin a as your main currency and swap it to something like Bitcoin or doge coin etc and back to stablecoin.

This is not financial advice but have a read, DYOR and please if you like it sign up and earn with me via my link below!

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