Sushiswap APR is … Not real?

I struggle to see how you can verify that when you remove liquidity from a pool on sushiswap you actually get paid the apr they indicate. Unlike uniswap that shows the exact reward, the fee element needs to be somewhat backed out using tvl and LP token issued amidst ever moving ratio of your lp pool underlying assets and varying prices.

Does anyone actually have a no bs way to show their code distributes the accumulated fees to a user removing liquidity??

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5 thoughts on “Sushiswap APR is … Not real?”

  1. Your question is based on a flawed understanding of how LP works,

    To better illustrate the concept check out this link


    Though it’s not Sushiswap pools but instead pancakeswap’s they are similar as they are both uniV2 based pools and using the link above you can monitor the pool product growth and your LP share growth in real time

  2. Another way I thought would be a less elegant way to track that upon removing liquidity to check if fees are paid out is looking at the product of A x B in total value at the time of deposit, then looking at that product upon exit, and referencing the change in A and B values between the two time periods, any additional withdrawn A and B total token values behind the change in token prices should be the fee?


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