Stablecoins in DeFi

I want to touch on the topic of deFi on the downtrend. It’s no secret that with the markets falling, the DeFi sector also suffered. For example, at one time I threw part of my deposit into various pools + for higher profitability, I used the project’s tokens, so now many tokens have collapsed. As a result, my earnings are much less than my losses. Therefore, I began to look for whether it is possible to farm using stablecoins, I did not consider existing projects, because I wanted to become an early user in order to get a retrospective drop. So I found the u/ZunamiProtocol project. Of the features of the interface, which contains a couple of buttons, cheap transactions, automatic selection of the most highly profitable pools and other mechanisms that do the work of the investor for you. The project is now at an early stage.

Thus, I realized that the industry is moving towards simplification, apparently in order to attract new users, also in order to reduce transactions, projects need to find tricks so that people with a small deposit can use their product. The trend is good, I’m sure DeFi is a massive topic!

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8 thoughts on “Stablecoins in DeFi”

  1. DeFi is here to stay, that’s fact. Farming with stablecoins is very lucrative and projects like Finance Oin are doing the most in that aspect.

    Thanks to the OINDAOV3 users can mint stablecoins on native assets like NEAR and ONE, deposit them into the stablity pool and/or use it to farm on other DeFi platform.

    On ViperSwap on the Harmony Ecosystem, you can farm in the oneUSD-1USDC pool for 128% APR.

  2. I do love stablecoins due to the risk factor. I use mainly BUSD, but I also love what eMoney does. Various stablecoins backed and verified that offer 17% return. Doesn’t sound much but it’s pretty solid.

  3. Well you got everything really! You got great projects emerging all the time from simple to complex defi!
    I personally use both!

    For a simpler, longterm hands-off approach I mostly use as it’s light on fees and have competitive returns, specially on BTC which can go up to 12%!

    For a more complex and risky approach, there is always yieldfarming which can lead to higher rewards if used properly! is a good option, specially for more advanced/adventurous investors as they offer leveraged options up to 6,50%

  4. Farming with stablecoins is a good way to go, considering the market hasn’t been that great the past weeks.

    I always tell people to park their stable assets either on Anchor for single staking or explore dual farming on protocols like Secretswap, Pancakeswap, Oin Finance, Ramp, etc as they have sustainable APR/APRs at dynamic interest rates.

  5. I like to be an early user as well. What I do is to always keep my eyes on [DeFi Llama](, the DeFi TVL aggregator. I always track their stats and actually I’m closely following the alpha testing of KalmySwap (a hybid DEX with custom AMM pools) and Kalmar recently got tracked on BSC by Llama. I’m already doing leveraged yield on Kalmar and PancakeSwap.

  6. Stablecoins serve genuine purpose especially when it comes to adoption. I wonder if you have heard of e-Money’s suite of stablecoins? 5 stablecoins in EEUR, ECHF, ENOK, ESEK and, EDKK and they are fully backed and audited. You can farm with EEUR on Osmosis Dex for 13% APR.


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