Stable income resources with diversification

I have this idea to distribute my money in to different platforms where I can get stable income monthly to pay my rent etc. The reason I want to diversify is to reduce the risk. If one of those platform collapse, I will not lose everything. Those platforms should be able to pay regardless of market condition. So far I decided on 2 platforms which is Anchor around 20% and Yield nodes around 10% but I want to distribute more. Can you suggest the places you like in this concept?

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  1. Just wanted to clarify in case you mistook either yield nodes or anchor.

    Anchor is 20% a year.

    YN is 10% a month.

    That’s a big difference lol

  2. There are lots of stablecoin pools/farms on different chains. Not all of them pays out stable tokens too. Many earn the native token of the platform or protocol.
    Don’t know if it’ll align with your goals to earn volatile tokens, but just incase it does I’ll list some ones I consider has good potential; greenhousedex UST/USDC (Polygon, you earn green), pegasys finance USDC/USDT (Syscoin, you earn psys) both are new low cap dexes with good development.

    Some tested and trusted stablecoin pools can be found on beefy, kalmar. Not very familiar with ftm, avax chains but I know there are good pools there too.

    Also check out Origin USD. Last I heard of it was around 20% APY and you don’t need to stake, just hodl in wallet.

    DYOR and goodluck.

  3. DEX optimized for stable coins: Curve, Platypus, Uniswap v3 (Universe Finance has a liquidity mining program for Uniswap v3 on Polygon).

    Lending platforms: Aave, Trader Joe, Benqi.

    Delta neutral strategies with synthetic assets: Mirror, Aperture finance (automated).

    DeFiChain potentially (synthetic assets, lending).

  4. Celsius, Aave, Bancor; I consider all 3 safe as safe gets in crypto. I’d also highly recommend parking some eth in Lido and earn % on your eth too..

  5. Small amounts in Yield Node, Crypto4Winners, Freeway. That’s your high risk stuff. Then for lower risk you’ve got Anchor and looping opportunities over it (Kinetic, Abracadabra, Yeti Finance). Then you’ve got delta neutral farming stuff like Aperture, Delta One, Friktion Vault#3/4, and Alpaca Finance autovaults. Finally, DeFi Chain DUSD LPs with low volatility assets like VOO, VNQ, GLD, and Chainge App.

    BTW your goals align with many investors on the DeFi Dojo Discord group (Calculator Guy on YouTube), I recommend you check that out.

  6. I really can relate with your feeling to reduce your risk mate.
    I recently got to know about a defi project offering rewards for just holding tokens in the UnidoEP wallet! I think the risk involved in here is pretty low.

  7. I used Anchor sometimes back, but I had to move to blockbank because of their earnings which comes on a weekly basis, their platform is secured to some extent than others and their rewards for stable coins is 10% as well

  8. There are some riskier options that have boded pretty well for me right now. Ive steered far away from rebase tokens however I have recently invested into safuu and am now letting my profits earn me weekly income that I’ll just pull out as I need. Basically what I did was take a chance and invested a huge initial amount and let it sit there for 30 days, at that point investment more than doubled, I took out my initial investment and now I have the same amount invested in which I pull out profits once a week.

    Another option, one I am more bullish on, is Y5 finance which is a reflection token. I know many may not like these options but I’ve been there since launch and what these guys are on to will be extremely beneficial to the crypto scene. They have the backing of Albany group in London which gives them a lot of capital to get things done which includes a government regulated tokenomics exchange (CEX and DEX) and lots of other things which I won’t get into here. I am putting together a piece that I will be posting in this subreddit soon on Y5. All that said, holders earn 13% busd from all volume based on their bag size. For me, I’ve earned back 5 times my initial investment from busd reflections alone. Still in very early stages so volume is still quite low, but with increased volume we can see some pretty good busd payouts.

    Between safuu and Y5, I earn enough every month in passive income that’s actually on par with my pay cheques from my full time job. If you got any questions you can just dm me and I’ll be glad to help

  9. Midas Investments have great rates and have been around for years. Currently 20% APY on your stablecoins and they pay out daily.

    I would also check out Stablegains, 15% APY and extremely easy to set up. They are also in the Android and IOS app store.

    DM if you want the links, thanks and good luck.

  10. Not stables. But locking ur crv gets you bribe every week i think. Its like 50%+ apr

    For stables i am in TAROT and GREEN
    Staking ATOM and DAFI as well

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  12. I like Anchor as well.

    My other strategies include EEUR/UST pool on Osmosis Dex for 9.5% APR.

    I’m excited about the upcoming H20 staking vault for single sided staking of PSDN with targeted APR of 100%.

  13. Aave and Allianceblock for me. I would lean more towards AllianceBlock as its utility is vast and if you provide on its pools, you earn a decent passive income

  14. I believe you may be looking for audited and approved protocols, right? From the ones I’m using, Pancake and Kalmar have been audited several times by Hacken and Peckshield. AAVE is one of my favorites and pretty safe for me. Their safety module is stressed by Gauntlet Network and V3 uses a more aggressive calibration for risk parameters. I’m also using Anchor, solid choice.

  15. Not bad, Celsius, Nexo and Yield app all seem like viable suggestions too, offering between 10%-15% on Stablecoins, you could also farm BUSD on Kalmar as a single pair for the 25% APY.

  16. Check Finance Oin, they have this feature on their platform where you can use stablecoin [USDC-USDT] LP tokens from trisolaris labs as collateral to mint aUSDO (CDP-based stablecoin on AURORA) and use it to stake and farm with auto-compunding. APR was about 43% when I last checked, you earn TRI.

  17. You can add EBOX if you want some diversification with passive rewards. It has auto staking program and you can be part of it with a minimum of 5000 ebox token.


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