Sports Betting With Crypto and DeFi

During the World Cup I was on the lookout for some easy-to-use crypto betting websites and found quite a few that even have some defi elements to them. Here are some examples:

BetFury – This one is your traditional online gambling website where you can place bets on sports events or have a complete casino experience. Deposits and withdrawals are super-fast but you can also own a piece of the business. Those that buy their token can then stake it and earn a share of the revenue that BetFury generates.

Futuur – Futuur is very different but it opened a completely different perspective for me. Instead of providing you with fixed odds, they use a DeFi-like betting system where all of the bets are concentrated in one single pool, and after the winner is decided it automatically distributes the winnings to those that guessed the outcome correctly.

With this model, you basically have dynamic odds since you are betting against other people in real time. As the bets keep coming in the odds change accordingly.

I personally found this refreshing since we didn’t see any change in the gambling industry for decades. Crypto and DeFi seem to add a whole new dimension to it.

Are there any other models out there that I missed?

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