Solana is home to Projects that are history defining

Solana is the third-most-popular blockchain among DeFi projects after Ethereum and BSC. There are at least 11 DeFi projects built on the Solana blockchain. This includes decentralized exchanges, decentralized lending platforms, and decentralized marketplaces. With the increasing adoption of DeFi solutions, investing in DeFi tokens for long-term gains makes sense.



1. **Hubble Protocol: Supercharging Liquidity On Solana —** The Solana-based DeFi project is aimed at ‘supercharging liquidity on Solana’. It issues USDH stablecoins at a 0% interest rate in exchange for depositing crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The protocol lets users mint USDH and earn a yield on their deposits. Also, users depositing USDH in the stability pool will receive HBB, the governance token of Hubble protocol.
2. **Zebec Protocol: Continuous Settlement On Solana —** Zebec is a Solana-based continuous settlement protocol that makes payments hassle-free and secure. The key features of Zebec include the Zebec Payroll, which enables the composable transfer of value. Zebec Multisig, another outstanding project feature, aims to solve the security risks in existing DeFi infrastructure to minimize hacks and breaches. The project allows users to be paid by seconds in crypto. $ZBC, the native token of the project, has been witnessing a significant price hike over the past few weeks.
3. **Ratio Finance: De-Risking DeFi For All —** Ratio Finance aims to simplify the DeFi space as the world transitions from centralized finance to decentralized finance. It is a quantitive risk assessment protocol on Solana that helps investors know about the risks involved in the space before they start contributing to liquidity. The platform lets investors obtain a crypto-backed loan while earning yield on their deposited collateral. Users can use this yield to clear their dues partly.
4. **Nezha: Stake It To Make It —** Nezha is a Solana-based protocol that helps users safeguard their capital with its reimagined prediction market. Nezha is a high-performance, deployable consensus protocol designed to power the next generation of prediction markets. Unlike traditional prediction markets, users using Nezha only forfeit the return generated on their liquidity, i.e., staking or liquidity mining rewards, but not on the liquidity itself if a prediction goes against their favor.

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8 thoughts on “Solana is home to Projects that are history defining”

  1. History defining? How come?
    IMO, really history-defining projects, are the ones that are built to last, and built with usage in mind. mainstream usage. Onboarding new people into crypto is really the next big thing to work on.
    What point do we make if cars existed but only a few percent of the people would know how to drive??

  2. Wow! These projects are really cool.
    I also started to use Velas blockchain, because it’s built on Solana. Solana is the best one-shard chain with vast optimizations within it.
    The traditional blockchain sharding concept is technically bulky and has additional difficulties. Velas’ team understands all outlooks of Solana’s approach, and now it’s your turn to view these perspectives.
    The blockchain has built our solution based on Solana to resolve the scalability issue, complementing it with additional features and innovations

  3. SOL is bullish..ppl keep forgeting that even ETH was not perfect from the start, nor is today tbh..Solana will come far imo. Next bull run i see at least 3-5x from its ATH..bullish also on projects that build on it..esp VLX since it has the best genetics from SOL combined to make it the fastest EVM chain out there..lets just hope we get to full blown bull mode really soon cuz this crabbing part really is kinda boring


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