Sneak Peak of Mars Colony 3D graphics (Harmony ONE)

Mars Conlony is a game that brings NFTs, Defi and Gamefi together under the Harmony ONE ecosystem.

The team has delivered so far and they keep surprising us with quality work : the game’s coin is CLNY (MarsColony), each owner of one plot of land makes 1 CLNY (2,26$ at the time of writing) / day. However, you can upgrade your land and produce up to 14 CLNY tokens / day.
Liquidity pools (CLNY-ONE – 533% current APR) launched last week and allow people that don’t own plot(s) to produce CLNY.
All that under the Harmony ONE chain, which means fast transactions for fractions of a penny.
Below, you can see the Mars Colony 3D graphics, currently under development.


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21 thoughts on “Sneak Peak of Mars Colony 3D graphics (Harmony ONE)”

  1. Having a ton of fun in the Mars Colony discord as well while waiting for more features of the game to be launched! DEX + Avatars/heros on the horizon!

  2. Accumulate CLNY tokens while it’s still early. It will skyrocket once the full features (i.e DEX, play to earn game etc.) in their road map launch! πŸš€πŸ’ŽπŸ’―

  3. Couldnt be more bullish on this project. The devs and community are awesome and very helpful. The fact that this project is 100% community owned just shows that the devs are on the right track. Devs are also against lock up periods and couldnt care about the price since they are working on a complete product than get rich quick schemes. This is my first experience in the defi/gamefi scene and it couldnt be more awesome than this. The devs are always in contact with the community regarding their next step and they literally hear everyone out. LP was due in march but they released it in early February. Being ahead of the roadmap and delivering what is promised is always a plus for any project. We are still early and this project have a big potential and can blow up just like DFK. Bullish on MC and harmony one. Forward

  4. Anyone remember the sweet sweet gameplay pictures and info Westwood used to hype their Game Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and the garbage that came out afterwards, when everyone realized that they used heavily edited pictures and didn’t include half the features they announced beforehand? lol

    Be careful folks. Smart money will dump all the news on you.

  5. This does look and sound interesting to me..! But I am quite new to all of this, so I will take both sides of comments here to heart and think about it some more.

    But in case I would want to join such a project, where would I buy CLNY? I checked the four exchanges I use and neither sells CLNY.

    I’ve had that question before with other projects that people joined early, but I could not find the coins anywhere.

  6. mcap 200k, fully diluted, 340M, so much inflation here, a bear market will destroy these projects with this kind of tokenomics.
    I’m intrigued though and i’ll give it a spin, for the 50% chance we’re still in a bull trend.

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