Short on a stablecoin

Hey guys.
I know i‘m not very early 🙂
But i expect UST to go nealry 0 the next days. So i would like to open a short position on this coin.

1. can you short a „stablecoin“ and where
2. Most important:

Is binance liquidating my order when my short amount (for example 100$) even on my binance account are 30.000$
I would not like to lose all on a little short speculation🥴.

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6 thoughts on “Short on a stablecoin”

  1. My experience has been that… generally speaking…trying a risky trading strategy that you don’t fully understand is more likely than not to cause you to lose money. But maybe you are experienced and I just misunderstood your request.

  2. The issue is, you’re not the first person to think about this. Right now, the interest to borrow UST is absolutely massive – because you’re effectively paying someone to be on the other side of your trade (e.g. being long UST). No one is entering that trade naively.

  3. I believe trading in UST is entirely suspended. You can short other stablecoins by borrowing them from decentralized lending platforms like Compound. I don’t understand your binance question, but I don’t use binance so I’m not sure I could answer even if I did.

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