Shill me your “Alpha” places to get the scoop on new DeFi projects

Basically any Discord server to try and join, big acc on Twitter to follow, some weird DeFi/Crypto subreddit that few people know about where you can see promising or, let’s be honest, absolutely degenerate projects and maybe get in on epoch 1 or before.

No wrong answers!

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3 thoughts on “Shill me your “Alpha” places to get the scoop on new DeFi projects”

  1. I know the “ICO SPEAKS” telegram group has some good ol’ folks always talking. That’s one place I go to whenever I wanna get a few dope projects and suggestions in this soace. At least that was where I first heard of HyperdexFinance. Invested with them and now I’m already up 15%. There’s still lots of good discussions and suggestions going on there. You might wanna check it out.

    Ohh, and by the way, if you really need a dope projects to checkout/invest in, then HyperdexFinance wouldn’t be a bad start.

  2. Twitter and google,
    These influencers can give hints of amazing projects.
    That’s how I got to know about DEIP and how they plan to revolutionize the NFTs industry with their products


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