Scallop DeFi Banking App

What do you guys think of Scallop? It’s the worlds first regulated DeFi Banking Application. It is pretty much a one stop solution for both traditional finance and crypto / DeFi. It will allow users to access DeFi protocols from a traditional bank account with non of the complexity. For example, users can open a Earn Account and earn 12-15% APY from FIAT deposits (yes FIAT) this is just one of its unique features. Am I wrong for thinking this is gonna be extremely big? DYOR but no one offers and is doing what these guys are gonna be doing.

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1 thought on “Scallop DeFi Banking App”

  1. I hold SCLP. If they deliver well, it can be quite big indeed.. They also got nice partnerships and a couple of important licenses to offer regulated money services. If we compare it with Revolut, it has such a tiny market capitalization, so it’s worthy to take a bet in my opinion!


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