RWA yields in DeFi

GM friends, I’ve been following this new trend in DeFi bringing real world assets yield on-chain. Companies like Credix, Goldfinch and even Maker are, in my view leading the way. It is interesting because we begin to see our native toolset being used to generate sustainable yields, instead of relying on trading and speculation.

Was wondering what everyone thinks about this new trend and new protocols following this trend. Cheers!

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1 thought on “RWA yields in DeFi”

  1. I’m a strong believer that for DeFi to make a real-world impact and bring its transparency and efficiency gains to markets that matter, it needs to embrace real-world assets. We started []( in order to keep a better pulse on the space, offering standardized data, metrics and analytics on on-chain credit. Might be useful for you!


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