Rug Pull: 13 Minutes of Bliss & Liquidity Stolen

Rugpulls happen all the time in the crypto space, and sadly one happened today. Approximately 13 minutes after launch, Coyote Coin ($HOWL) was rugpulled by a freelance developer that worked for the team. During initial investigation, it was discovered that the individual is a 23 year old programmer from Canada who goes by the alias “Bullish”. The developer had no previous connections to the Coyote Coin team.

Bullish was recommended to the team by an advisor/friend who runs a different project. After the rugpull occurred, the advisor stated that the action was “very out of character” for the dev, and that Bullish “did flawless work with creating API’s for verified circulation supplies that were used on 8 other projects”.

The following lines of code were inserted into the contract by Bullish:

function mint(address recipient, uint256 amount) external onlyMinter {uint256 currentRate = \_getRate();\_tTotal += amount;\_rTotal += amount *currentRate;if (\_isExcluded\[recipient\]) \_tOwned\[recipient\] += amount;\_rOwned\[recipient\] += amount* currentRate;emit Transfer(address(0), recipient, amount);}

function addMinter(address account) public onlyOwner {\_addMinter(account);}

function removeMinter(address account) public onlyOwner {\_removeMinter(account);}

This was a minting function that allowed for token creation after launch. 2.5 quadrillion tokens were originally minted to the supply when the contract was created. Allegedly, Bullish then minted 2.4 quadrillion additional tokens and subsequently sold them all–effectively draining the liquidity pool.

The contract itself was audited by CertiK who gave it a 90% rating. They mentioned the token minting as a potential vulnerability, but did not place much emphasis on it. The rest of the development team was also scammed and is currently trying to bring justice for their investors. As of 9pm eastern time, the wallet mentioned above is still minting tokens and stealing the remaining liquidity.

All individuals of the Coyote token community that were scammed are encouraged to contact their local authorities and provide the following: Wallet address that ciphoned the funds: 0xE002Ad016F7178DDEC3A96AD63324288F3aFA3a4 Amount of funds lostThat the suspect was likely KYCd in Canada with Gate . io

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to comment below or contact [r/CryptoCraversLLC](

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8 thoughts on “Rug Pull: 13 Minutes of Bliss & Liquidity Stolen”

  1. …and yet another one. One too many, pieces me off. The innocent who just want to make some quick money are mostly affected.

    If you ask me, I think the whole thing was planned. There just had to be a front guy and it happens to be this anon developer.

  2. LOL there was literally a mint function like that and it passed the audit what the actual fuck. Not even the most obvious rugs now use such an obvious rug code to rug

  3. This is quite sad. Very importantly to do your research before investing. Read about it and know everything. Avoid shit coins. Look at if it offers utility and the partnership. Stop looking for quick profits. I am holding my MATIC, ETH, SYLO and KCS.


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