RSK Blockchain DEFI

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

I make this post to consult which options you prefer to make a good defi within the RSK Blockchain.

As you may already know, RSK is a BTC sidechain. It uses BTC miners to run, allows smartcontract, etc etc. Its main crypto is RBTC.

Within this blockchain there are DEFI protocols such as Sovryn, Tropykus, MoneyOnChain and Blindex among others.

Actually I wanted to know what the community thinks about these protocols, I really do not know which one could be better to invest my funds for a medium term while the market recovers.

I hope not to bother with my post, I await a response.

Thank you very much!

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2 thoughts on “RSK Blockchain DEFI”

  1. Hello community! Something to highlight in the #RSK network is being able to leave $RBTC as collateral and mint DOC the stable coin of the network. It gives many opportunities to maintain your investment in crypto and be able to have liquidity for other projects or businesses.
    Have a nice day


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