Recent Snowflake.Exchange Rug (with some extra spice)

In early December I came across []( on Polygon offering super high APYs for single sided staking. It was clearly a sketchy project but it had 2 audits and a KYC and decent TVL. I staked a very small amount of maticX and USDC and then withdrew it to test it. After doing so I thought better of actually staking and just sort of forgot about it and moved on.

On new years eve my wallet was drained of those two assets (which is about 90% of everything I own). It would appear that the approval that I gave to stake in those contracts allowed them to transfer as much of those assets from my wallet at will.

They stole about 100k from me, here is the address that the funds were transferred to:


I am the “eb” address that lost Maticx, Matic, and USDC.

Now I know there is really nothing to be done, but I am obviously devastated and desperate. So if anyone has any bright Ideas or any info on the Snowflake project runners I would be grateful. If nothing else, remember to interact with sketchy contracts from a secondary wallet, and revoke approvals when you’re done.

Don’t be like me. I wish I had read this before.

Happy new year.

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  1. Sorry to hear that OP.

    You said that the team was KYCd, contact the 3rd party that holds the KYC info they should take it from here


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