Realistically, is arbitrage automation profitable?

I will preface by making it clear that I still don’t understand the intricacies of trading, I just now that on one DEX, a crypto is worth a certain amount and on another DEX that same crypto is worth a couple cents more or a couple cents less. Is A is worth $1 on DEX 1 and A is also worth $1.05 on DEX 2 then buying A on DEX 1 and selling A on DEX 2 yields 5 cents. This process can just be automated easily to be done hundreds of times no? Even if you are accounting for trading fees, you can write a bot to calculate trading fees and determine if the trade is still profitable after. What am I missing here? I’m not even aiming for insane profits, just a profit in general (maybe $1-$5 a day)

Also if you don’t mind could you share how you started to learn about crypto and trading? What resources did you use and how would you recommend a beginner to get started? I’m 20 years old so I don’t have very much money but I’m trying to find out if crypto is a good way to earn a lot lol

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11 thoughts on “Realistically, is arbitrage automation profitable?”

  1. Usually any opportunities that exist are arbitraged within the same block – that is, if user A buys on dex A and pushes the price up, in the same block a bot will sell on dex A and buy on dex B to balance the prices as long as it’s profitable after dex fees and gas fees. So what you’re suggesting is basically impossible unless you have the ability to read the mempool (pending transactions) and compete in the gas auction with other bots. Pure arbitrage is highly competitive and you’ll probably lose money trying to do it in wasted gas fees. You have better luck at dex – cex arbitrage or related markets (spot vs perps, for example) statistical arbitrage, but that requires you to hold inventory of the 2 tokens and take some risk.

  2. True investment bots that use quants require developer fine tuning almost daily. Anything that works won’t in 3 months.

    The only reason why people market bots is because they get a cut of commission /\.

    Real bots require humans to constantly make them win.

    As for simple arb bots, it won’t be worth it in todays market without developer experience or a lot of money. You will constantly need to beat out other developers who are working harder/higher intelligence or understanding, clever, etc.

    There’s no such thing as a ‘set and forget’.

    As for automated debt strategy bots, they exist but are purely for managing positions

  3. Isn’t this arbitrage trading too stressful, why don’t you just get your funds on some alts and stake them on secured DEX like Maiar Exchange where you can earn passively via several means including participating metastaking, metabonding, aside from the usual liquidity mining just like I’m doing with RIDE, UTK and ELGD on the DEX.

  4. You’d probably make more profit from just staking than arbitrage. It’s stressful and time consuming. I stake mostly stables, ETH, and XPRESS. Stopped trading when I got a super stressful dev job, and I also learned that I made more long-term profit from dca and staking.

  5. There are profitable arbitrage bots making millions 💰💰 however it’s not that easy because you have to compete with other sophisticated players who have the technical edge and infrastructure.

    Only the top players make money, you can do this but you’d need god level technical skills.


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