r/DeFi needs your help!

Last week we discussed [how we can improve r/defi]( The #1 complaint was the amount of low-quality journalism and content marketing links that get posted on r/DeFi. We already restricted links to over 40 garbage publications and we’ll continue to monitor spammy publications. You can all report the posts you don’t like or message the mod team here or on Discord.

The 2nd biggest complaint was that r/DeFi doesn’t publish enough research posts regarding DeFi innovation, yield strategies and new opportunities. We need you to help to fix this.

The mod team is developing tools to make it easy for DeFi researchers that primarily use Twitter, substack or other platforms to share their content with our community. To make the process seamless we’ll need a couple of volunteers from this community to help us review content and pick what gets posted on r/DeFi so that we don’t end up flooded with shill threads disguised as research.

Please respond if you’re interested in reading DeFi posts and explainer threads and voting on whether they should get posted here or not. We’re looking for people who can spend at least 30 minutes a week reading DeFi research. Are you in?

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4 thoughts on “r/DeFi needs your help!”

  1. I made a post that outlined brief differences between THORChain and Zetachain, both chains specialising on DeFi. But it was removed.
    It’s difficult to post about DeFi if posts about DeFi are not accommodated on r/DeFi.

  2. The 2nd thing makes no sense, but makes sense why people want it. Yield strategies work because most people don’t know about them.

    I dare anyone to follow and yield protocol and watch them post something like “This pool now has an 80% APY”… follow up on that post 1-4 days later and it will be under 2%.

    Opportunities in defi exist only because people don’t know about them yet. There are opportunities right now but once too many people know about it, the opportunity is not longer


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