Question about yield farming?

Is my understanding correct that yield farming is a mixture of lending, LP and staking?

Are there any standard/general strategies that exist under the umbrella of yield farming or do yield farmers usually adopt different trading strats depending on the ecosystem/protocol?

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6 thoughts on “Question about yield farming?”

  1. OP I recommend looking through all the top posts in this subreddit over the past year that have the DeFi Strategy flair, that will give you a ton of information on how people approach DeFi earning opportunities.

  2. I prefer the pools that give the profits directly to wallet without claim or harvest procedures. For example QUAD/ETH pool in quadency gives nice good profits that way.

  3. Most times I think it depends on the ecosystem as well as the platform itself where farming is taking place.
    Yield farming and staking are similar as you get to earn yields from both but staking mainly is done using one asset while with yield farming itt can be more than two.

    However, they’re platforms looking to combine both and make it easier, like Maiar for example which allows for metastaking. I got RIDE over there.

  4. Like you said many try to adopt different trading strats, in my case I prefer pools or where LP and IL aren’t involved!

    Like on TLOS I like that you can have a 13% apr without worrying about that, you can check all the info on telos. net


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