question about WBTC peg

As we have seen USD backed stablecoins are taking a hit weeks ago I assisted to a small project getting ruined by a flashloan attack and then UST unpegging. Now I haven’t seen a lot of Bitcoin backed assets loosing their peg. Is it just because there are less projects about coins collateralized by Other “volatile” assets or is it really easier to keep the peg in those cases? More over I feel like for companies that release those coins must require more transparency. If we get their addresses (shouldn’t in my opinion be hard) we can know if they are printing a bit too much or not.

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2 thoughts on “question about WBTC peg”

  1. Wbtc is just a token on the eth chain that gets minted when a btc gets burned, there’s no peg, is just the same coin bridged


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