Question about getting a loan for your Bitcoin/ETH

So Michael Sailor talked about this a lot, but I am wondering about one thing. Lets say you get a loan of $100k for some of your BTC or ETH.

How exactly do you pay it back without losing some of your BTC/ETH? Is this based on the price rising over a certain time frame, so then you can get a bigger loan, and always pay back the older, smaller loan from the gains?

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4 thoughts on “Question about getting a loan for your Bitcoin/ETH”

  1. Check out this project’s white paper: MELD.COM – I think this will answer your questions. Other DApp like MELD will likely emergence on others chains as well (although Cardano eUTXO is theoretically advantageous for this type of DApp) – currently I would wait for one of these projects to mature to lend out my BTC or ETH. The cool thing is that you will be able to get more out of your loan as prices rise but even more important – if prices fall dramatically and your loan gets liquidated you get all your BTC back minus just the portion needed to make up for the loss due to decreased price (e.g. you won’t loose all your funds due to liquidation). Even cooler – they are proposing a loan type ‘genius-loan’ that pays for itself – so you lock up your BTC/ETH get 50% of value in fiat and then do nothing – after the loan ends you get your full collateral back (of courses the length of these contract is likely long and somewhat unpredictable – as it depends on how efficient their smart contacts yield is).

  2. Same way you pay back any other loan: acquire money during the loan term. Work for wages, earn it in interest or dividends, sell stuff, get it from family, prostitute yourself, refinance, gamble, embezzle … there are many ways to get money.


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