PSA: Ledger devices are able to transmit your seed phrase!

See here: [

More in-depth here:


Ledger devices should be treated as hot wallets. I am moving on to something else.

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2 thoughts on “PSA: Ledger devices are able to transmit your seed phrase!”

  1. I don’t see how they recover from this. They must’ve known this would destroy their business?

    One user noted that they may have been subpoenaed by some government entities and the co-founder is now communicating implicitly about this. Who knows, but it’s possible.

  2. The “facts” keep getting worse and worse, and less and less informed, with each new thread. Soon Ledger will be posting our private keys on their website and giving the IRS real time data about our transactions.

    I would encourage people to do their own research and not believe reactionary bullshit on Reddit.


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